This is a brand’s natal cry. More formally expressed, it is the creation of identity by means of music, notes, singing and noises. We create acoustic pictures. Visual impressions rule our life yet it is sound that gives those pictures a soul.

Sound distinguishes – an approaching SUV from a runabout, a landline telephone from a smart phone. Once memorised, sounds generate memories in our mind, ideally positive ones. Sound branding establishes a link oftentimes between simple notes and the brand. It unites composition and brand management.

01 Definition

Our maxim: speech is silver, but listening is golden. What we need to clarify in the beginning: Do we look for a new sound development or would we rather target modernisation and modification? Should the final product be a sound signature, a jingle or the music accompanying a commercial or image movie?
Let us define the job together.

02 Analysis

Music affects and accompanies us. Daily. No market moves and changes as fast as the music market. Classic, pop, hip-hop, techno, dubstep… New brands, technologies, applications and media are permanently pushed onto the market. To which industry does your brand belong? Who is your target group? How does your brand cosmos appear? Questions and answers. Only an intense analysis of your brand can lead to the right tone composition and to the ideal sound.

03 Inspiration

Now we award your brand its own acoustic identity - in accordance with the brand tonality. Sound becomes a fundamental component of the corporate identity.
Music now forms the acoustic part of brand recognition.

Philips SPS Speechmike Premium
Wiener Stadthalle Kinowerbung
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Corporate Sound Design