Sound or no sound? Already in early childhood Amir El-Kadi was concerned with this question: initially while experimenting with metallic pots and his “Darabuca” and later with analog and digital synthesizers. The goal however always remained the same: to discover how sound feels.

Amir El-Kadi completed his studies in sound engineering at the SAE Vienna with a bachelor’s degree in recording arts. In addition he worked as a quality manager in the field of telecommunication. During this time his interest in the relationship between customers, music and the underlying sound psychology emerged.

Amir El-Kadi defines himself primarily as a “sound painter”, an “emotion composer” and a “corporate sound designer”. Under the directive “less is more” Amir’s motto is:

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.“ ALDOUS HUXLEY.



Amir El- Kadi, BA
Leonard- Bernstein- Straße 4-6/10/37
A- 1220 Wien

Tel.: +43 676 400 00 12
E- Mail: office(at)amirelkadi.com

UID: ATU68104829

Member of the Austrian Economic Chamber, Viennese Economic Chamber, Association Film- and Musicindustries

Applicable Law: trade law: www.ris.bka.gv.at

Supervisory authority: Municipal Department for the 22th district

Branch of business: recording studio

Performing Rights Organization: AKM

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